As an expert in ICT, you know that skills and expertise are crucial to start new IT projects and/or sign new customers. But in today’s economy, you also have to claim and prove you master all desired skills. That’s why Oracle invites you to Join OPN Specialized, Oracle’s premier partner program that gives you the opportunity to gain the differentiation and competitive edge you need to stand out in the marketplace.

Why specialize?


How to specialize?

Explore the specialization offerings and select a specialization in one of the five main pillars.
Create your OPN Specialized account. You need it to login on and complete your exams. Make sure your OPN account is connected to your company. Find your company on and contact your administrator for more information.
Take the training, study hard – or encourage your coworkers to do so.
Make sure the sales, pre-sales and implementation exams are completed before 22nd of April 2014
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For extra information on the OPN Get Specialized program, please contact us.

* Rewards: terms and conditions

The total number of movie and music vouchers is limited to 300. First come, first serve.

For every sales or pre-sales exam you complete, we offer you 1 movie voucher. This reward applies to up to 10 exams. After that, you get 2 movie vouchers for every 5 exams you complete. Every 2 movie vouchers can be exchanged for 1 music voucher.

The implementation exams are the most difficult ones, but also the most valuable ones. Therefore, Oracle wants to reward specialists who successfully complete the implementation exams, by giving them a higher value music or movie voucher and a LinkedIn endorsement.

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